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All the new stuff will be here: RatDog, Furthur, Phil & Friends... I listen to the rehearsal tapes that surface on etree, I watch the videos from Dime and Trader's Den. I also occasionally post little research projects on various periods and people that were pivotal in the life of the Grateful Dead.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hi y'all

Well I've finally decided to put to some use all the listening I've been doing. I'm going to post whatever I feel is worth saying about the performances and the circumstances surrounding them, and maybe the gossip and goings-on of the Deadhead community.
I listen to about 200 shows a year; the vast majority is Grateful Dead and RatDog. I also try to follow what Phil and the drummers are doing, and keep and eye on Phish and Gordon. Occasionally I branch out and take a look at other music; in the past year I listened to chunks of Parliament, the Police, Talking Heads, and maybe some others. I listen almost exclusively to live shows and I get them from etree, dimeadozen, etc.
As far as contemporary shows go, like RatDog tours or the recent The Dead and Furthur runs, I try to hear everything, in chronological order, depending on how quickly the shows get posted. For the Dead, I've been listening to runs instead of single shows, mainly in function of what's missing from my collection.
The point of this blog is partly to keep me from forgetting everything I've heard, partly to keep in touch with the people I don't get to see any more, and partly to see if anyone else out there gives a shit.
See you soon.

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  1. Hey Ben - just found your blog & really diggin' it!! Keep up the good work (maybe more on 1974???)